Window Painting

It took me about 2 days and 2 hours each day but I managed to get the windows spray painted white, let it dry, then paint them black. The white faces out towards the sun and reflects back heat, the black will help to block out light period. Then I will build the wall, with insulation board, over the blacked out windows.

Below is two videos of the results. 

Tips for this:

  1. Clean the windows off.
  2. Let it dry and wipe it with a clean rag.
  3. Shake the spray paint and start spraying the window in a circular motion while keeping it about 8-12” from the window; too close and it will overspray and run down the window.
  4. The white coat doesn’t have to be completely perfect, just enough that you cant see through and it is more opaque than a frosted shower door. This may take you two coats, with 30 mins between coats.
  5. Finally, spray on the black paint and this time cover till all the light is blocked, see video below for results. Blocking out the light helps to limit the UV rays damaging the insulation boards and helps keep it dark if you are camping in the bus while building it. 😉

What you will need:

  • One can of spray paint for each window (for city buses, school buses will be one can for 2 windows).
  • I chose to wear my work gloves so the back spray didn’t cover my hands. 

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