Michael Morris Shidduch Resume

Sfardic, 37 years old & 6’1″

Daven: Chabad of Kentucky

Study: daily parsha, mussaf, halachah

Undergrad: University of Central Florida, Bachelors of Science in Management Information Systems
Grad School: Hult International Business School, Master in Business Administration

Employment: IT Director for a multinational automotive manufacturing company

About Me: I am a US Air Force Veteran. Have always been into IT and computers since I was a kid. I love to travel, snowboard, anything outdoors, as well as a relaxing night at home. Love Marvel/DC movies and Star Wars. I don’t really watch TV, don’t own one. I enjoy a movie out once or twice a month.

I love to read, lately its just a lot of IT news. Studying Torah is important to me. I try to read or listen to something everyday. I have an hour drive to and from work everyday so that’s filled up. Shabbat, I like to spend most of my day learning Me’am Lo’ez and hanging out with friends.

My friends know I would do anything to help a stranger, even if it meant losing sleep. I give charity all the time to help people; really its not my money, HaShem just lets me think it is mine.

For me the glass is always full. I have everything I need right now in my life and I am grateful to HaShem for it all. I have had many, many humbling tests in my life and I just pray and beg I did well… I’m just patiently waiting for my Beshert.

Looking for: I want a kosher home, family purity. Someone that would want to have a big home where we host people, maybe like the Klatzko’s. I also am working on a Kiruv RV; converting a bus into an RV that I can travel in and help out in other communities and do kiruv. Would love to live in Israel one day.

R Chaim Litvin, aka The Bourbon Rabbi, (502)442-2208
R Shmuel Milder, (305)607-0071
Yair Schatz, (857)225-3073