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I am Michael Morris
Security+, Network+, Server+, A+

I have spent years working in IT as a Project Manager and Consultant. Hands on and eyes up.

I have managed:

  • $80m projects and down to $3,000 projects.
  • Teams of 4 up to 30.
  • Small businesses, large corporations, military, and state/federal government projects.
  • To help clients identify issues and opportunities and expand on what they were looking for and improve how we were already doing the job and run them through Change Control as needed.
  • Web management deployments, healthcare projects, Education projects, and much more.
  • Budgets, time, and resources.
  • Infrastructure and software projects.
  • To be hands on with every project, whether writing Powershell scripts, configuring Windows Server 2008, EPIC Cache, troubleshooting laptops/printers/Cisco routers & phones.
  • To always be adaptable and confident, to apply what I learn on the fly, to improve the workflow and carry on.
  • To always get the job done and leave them with a smile.

Things that I enjoy doing:

  • Being able to afford the cost of living. Am I really asking for much?
  • Helping others, and businesses, to improve themselves and the workflow; maybe there is a technology out there to make your coffee maker more efficient.
  • Following through on a plan.
  • Leading the charge.
  • Traveling.
  • Communicating strategies with the team so everyone is onboard.
  • Snowboarding, hiking, biking, the gym, martial arts, America, Israel, anything outdoors without crowds.