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Project Management, Management Consulting.


Project Management Institute (PMI), CompTIA.

A rabbi taught me, that I am not a title, I am not the sum of titles, but the titles were mere minor descriptions of my potential. There are days these titles exceed me and there are days I exceed my titles.

The Past

I am Jewish, Autistic, a US Veteran, brilliant, athletic, outdoorsy. Above all I enjoy problems and studying them and the knowledge of the world and coming up with solutions to resolve the problems.

I will begin with what some would call accomplishments:


  • Masters of Business Administration (MBA)
  • Bachelor of Science in Management Information Systems


  • Project Management Professional Certified (PMP)
  • CompTIA Server+ Certified
  • CompTIA A+ Certified
  • Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP)


In the near future I would like to be an IT Security Analyst. To achieve this, I will complete the certifications for CASP+, Security+, and Network+.

A side project I want to work on (because everyone needs a hobby/passion/obsession) is creating free electricity for the whole world. No, I do not have visions of graduer when it comes to over throwing governments, if you consider a government’s ability to rule is by providing three very basic necessities: security, infrastructure(water, electricity, etc), and a social framework. None of this, I believe every person should have access to education (not forced on them) and the means to get that education should be free, or near it.

All of these help to show a desire, and drive, to learn and achieve. These certifications are not handed out lightly or easily. They show a breadth of knowledge and depth of understanding in many areas that are applicable to any industry, as well as a desire to be more, to be a part of something more that helps others and not just myself.

Areas of Experience

Over the years I have worked in many industries, but realistically, within all of them I have been in one focus, Information Technology (IT). When it comes to server/hardware understanding then it comes as second nature for me. I mean even as a hobby, I fix friend’s laptops to swap out motherboards that have fried out, or upgraded the HDD with SSD based on the SATA3 connector (without leftover screws…). While serving in the United States Air Force I worked in Back-shop Avionics. It was my responsibility to test and repair at the circuitry level aircraft systems and technologies.

Resume can be presented upon request. Mic@CGP.io

Titles for experience of which I hold:

  • IT Project Manager
  • IT Manager
  • IT Support Manager
  • Systems Manager

Where to live? Work?

  • Open to telecommuting.
  • Open to relocation anywhere in the USA.
  • Open to relocation anywhere in Israel.

Preference in work style

  • I prefer standing over sitting.
  • I like telecommuting; I have a sweet home office, or sometimes enjoy a change of scenery to keep my mind fresh.
  • I am a take initiative kind of person and greatly enjoy the same in others.
  • I do not want credit for anything, I just want to get the job done. My joy is in the work being completed and getting to learn from it; I’m obsessed over learning.


This website will be my thoughts on a range of topics. Hopefully, someone will find them helpful, annoying, or just amusing.


Wish to know more?

Michael Morris, MBA, PMP