About CGP

Changing Global Perspective is a provider to Small Business and Government agencies as contractor. Providing IT Support, Management, and Project Management services. We are a Veteran owned LLC that does a lot of Corp to Corp or even small business consulting.

Areas we cover but not limited to:

  • Desktop Support & Deployment
  • Windows 10 upgrading and configuration
  • Mobile Device Management
  • HTML5/CSS/JS Web Deployments
  • Process Analysis and Improvement
  • Project Definition and Planning
  • Project Budgeting and Financial Tracking
  • Overall Project Management

Some Areas We have Worked With:

  • Real Estate
  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing
  • US Military

Utilizing Industry Certifications:

  • PMP by PMI
  • MCP by Microsoft
  • A+ by CompTIA
  • Server+ by CompTIA

Moving on into the future…


CGP will become an IT Cybersecurity Information Assurance Company. During this transition we will move away from a lot of our old offerings as we move into focusing on this new area. Time will be spent in training and sharing of that journey.

Changing the Global Perspective…

No challenging was ever met by doing nothing. Collaboration and deep thought allows for a society to grow and become better, but all of this must first start on a foundation of what is right and wrong. I will do my best to spark ideas and innovative talks to drive the industries and areas I am strong in to better themselves; and maybe one day a single voice will be a loud echo through the mountains of society.

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