Let’s tell a story…

I have always been the person to reach out much further than my ability to help others, even to my own detriment, and even my own growth. 

This site will be about my experiences, what I have learned, what I will do. It will be advantageous to some, humorous to more, offensive to some, but I truly do not care, it is my story, not theirs. Having an opinion or belief does not make a person bad, it is their actions that define them.

HaShem is responsible for the situations we are in;

Humans are responsible for the outcomes.

In life, everything must be questioned, challenged, discussed, learned, and grow. None of this can be achieved if we don’t first remove hate from our minds. Hate is a wall that stops all of these things from happening. Hate is a disease of the mind and can only be cured through repetitive, positive reinforcement.

If you want to change anything,

you must first change the hate in your mind…

Michael Morris, MBA, PMP, Jew